2022 Automotive EGR Cooler Market Study: Company Profile, Analyst Evaluation and Outlook Analysis for 2028

The latest published research report on the global automotive EGR cooler market provides a detailed overview of the factors driving the global business scale. The Automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Market Research Report provides the latest market insights, status analysis and upcoming trends, and product and service breakdown. The report provides key statistics about the state of the market, size, share, market growth factors. The study also provides information on past and current market trends and developments, factors, opportunities and sectoral changes in the structure of market capital. The study will assist market participants and market consultants to understand the current structure of the Automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers market. Our analysts who follow the global situation explain that after the crisis caused by COVID-19, the market will generously reward manufacturers.
The automotive EGR cooler market is growing and developing at a CAGR of +3.2% sometime during 2022-2028.
The Global Automotive EGR Cooler Market offers an in-depth look at current supply and demand trends, key financial statistics from key players supporting the market, and the impact of recent economic events on the market. The development of each geographic region is mapped using real historical data to help assess the future trajectory of the global market. A SWOT analysis is conducted to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that these companies expect to see during the forecast period.
BorgWarner, Delphi, Denso, Korens, Mahle, Continental, LongSheng Tech, Meet, Tianruida, Baote Precise Motor, BARI, Jiulong Machinery, Yinlun Machinery, Taizhou OuXin, Daye Technology и другие.
Denso has acquisitions in 2 different US states and 4 countries. The industries the company focuses on the most include automotive (34%) and software (34%).
Continental’s largest acquisition to date came in 2014 when the company bought Veyance Technologies for $1.9 billion. Continental has made acquisitions in six different US states and nine countries. The industries the company focuses on the most include automotive (53%) and software (20%).
The Asia-Pacific region holds a significant share of the automotive EGR cooler market, which accounted for about 47% of the total market share in 2019, thanks to increased consumer and manufacturer awareness of environmental issues, as well as increased demand for passenger cars from the growing population. China, India, Japan and other countries are the main players in the market due to growing government support and high domestic productivity in their countries.
Since China is the world’s largest auto parts manufacturer, China’s share of the region’s sales volume is about 52.6%, making it the dominant market in the region. The Indian market is expected to hold a relatively large market share as the major players have increased their investment in the industry by almost 15% over the past few years. Europe is the fastest growing region for the automotive EGR cooler market with a market share of around 39%. Factors driving the growth of the market are the number of large manufacturers of automotive EGR coolers in the region.
Germany has the largest market share, at around 48%, thanks to the building of infrastructure for auto parts production and growth in consumer disposable income. North America dominates the market due to active participation in trade with various regions of the world and a relatively tight trade policy. However, sales in North America have been hampered by a trade war between the US and China that began in 2020 and further disrupted imports and exports to the region.

Post time: Nov-24-2022