Analysis on the development prospect and trend of China’s auto parts industry.

——Development trend: the automotive aftermarket becomes the main growth point

Affected by the policy trend of “rebuilding vehicles and lightening parts”, our country’s auto parts companies have long faced the crisis of technological hollowing out. A large number of small and medium-sized auto parts suppliers have a single product line, low technical content, and weak ability to resist external risks. In recent years, rising raw material and labor costs have caused volatility in the profit margins of auto parts companies to decline.

The “Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Automobile Industry” points out that it is necessary to cultivate internationally competitive parts suppliers and form a complete industrial system from parts to complete vehicles. By 2020, several auto parts enterprise groups with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan will be formed; by 2025, several auto parts enterprise groups that will enter the top ten in the world will be formed.
In the future, with the support of policies, our country’s auto parts enterprises will gradually improve their technical level and innovation ability, and master the core technology of key parts; driven by the development of self-owned brand vehicle enterprises, domestic parts enterprises will gradually expand their market share, and foreign capital or The proportion of joint venture brands will decrease;

At the same time, our country aims to form several auto parts groups in the world’s top ten auto parts groups in 2025. Mergers in the industry will increase, and resources will be concentrated to leading companies; as auto production and sales hit the ceiling, auto parts will develop in the field of new car support The limited and huge aftermarket will become one of the growth points of the auto parts industry.

Post time: Jun-20-2022