How often should the spark plug be replaced? The car body has these symptoms, indicating that it needs replacing

A car is a machine composed of thousands of parts. During the operation of the car, the parts on the car will be worn down. Generally, after driving tens of thousands of kilometers, some parts will reach the critical value. If these parts are not replaced in time, the performance of the car will be affected.

The ignition device of the car is the spark plug, which is a relatively concealed and small part, and it is difficult for ordinary novice drivers to notice it. But the spark plug is also a very important part. Once the spark plug has a problem, the car can’t be started at all, so we can’t drive the car out. Therefore, the spark plugs also need to be replaced regularly.23bb2d4728d74f98a899835c586162cb_noop

Spark plugs made of different materials have different replacement cycles. The spark plugs used in ordinary household scooters are generally made of ordinary nickel alloy. The service life of these spark plugs is relatively short. Generally, they should be replaced once every 20000 km, and the maximum length should not exceed 40000 km. Platinum spark plugs are generally used for intermediate and above models. The service life of such spark plugs is longer than that of ordinary nickel alloy spark plugs, which can normally operate for 40000~50000 km.

The best type of spark plug is the iridium spark plug, which has a very long service life and generally needs to be replaced after using 60000~80000 km. However, this kind of spark plug is also expensive. Only some top luxury cars can use this kind of spark plug.

However, the replacement cycle of the spark plug can not only depend on the mileage, but also is affected by many aspects. Generally, several symptoms will appear when the spark plug needs to be replaced. If your car also has the following symptoms, it means that the spark plug needs to be replaced.

There is a distinct sense of frustration when the vehicle starts

The normal starting process of the vehicle is very smooth, but if the spark plug fails, the ignition process will become very difficult, and the vehicle will have obvious jitters and bumps when starting. If your car has a noticeable stuttering feeling when starting, and the car keeps roaring but fails to ignite, it may be that there is a problem with the spark plug.

The engine shakes during driving

The vehicle will not have too obvious jitter during normal driving, unless the three cylinder engine is idling. If the vehicle shakes during driving and the cause of carbon deposit in the engine is ruled out, it may be the spark plug.

If the spark plug has a serious carbon deposit, the power of the vehicle will be stronger and weaker. The feedback to the body is that the body keeps shaking during driving.

Sudden increase in vehicle fuel consumption

The spark plug is not only related to whether the vehicle can ignite, but also affects the fuel adequacy. If the spark plug fails, the gasoline cannot be fully burned. The vehicle’s dynamic performance will not only decline, but also increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

In the process of using the car, if you find that the fuel consumption of your car has increased inexplicably, you can check the spark plug if you go to check and find no reason. If there is a problem with the spark plug, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the three-way catalyst in the exhaust pipe, resulting in substandard exhaust emissions.343f305b6ea9439294d84d3ddc77eb1f_noop


Every part of the car has its role, and their role is irreplaceable. These parts need to be replaced after a certain mileage. At the same time, everyone should also pay attention to the various symptoms of the vehicle. These symptoms are all signals released by the vehicle to the owner, indicating that the parts on the vehicle need to be replaced. Do not ignore them

Post time: Nov-25-2022