How often the fuel injection nozzle is replaced and the symptoms of fuel injection nozzle blockage

The fuel injection nozzle is not a component that needs to be replaced regularly. As long as the component is not damaged, it does not need to be replaced. If the fuel injection nozzle is damaged, it needs to be replaced. The fuel injection nozzle belongs to the fuel supply system of the automobile engine, which can inject fuel.

There are three kinds of fuel injection methods for automobile engines, namely, mixed injection, direct injection in cylinder and multi-point electronic injection.

The fuel injection nozzle of the multi-point electronic injection engine is installed on the intake manifold, and the air and fuel of this engine are mixed in the intake manifold.

The fuel injection nozzle of the direct injection engine is installed on the cylinder head. The fuel injection nozzle of this engine will directly inject fuel into the combustion chamber. The fuel and air of this engine are mixed in the combustion chamber.

The mixed injection engine has both direct injection in the cylinder and multi-point electronic injection. This kind of engine can choose different fuel injection methods under different working conditions.

The hybrid injection system can improve the efficiency and power of the engine, and also can improve the reliability and stability of the engine.

The power of the direct injection engine in the cylinder is more powerful, because this fuel injection method can make the fuel atomization more thorough, so that the fuel can be thoroughly mixed with the air.

However, the direct injection engine also has disadvantages. Some parts of the engine are easy to deposit carbon.

Therefore, it is recommended that car owners who use direct injection engines regularly clean up carbon deposits.

Symptoms of blocked fuel injection nozzles

Blocked fuel injection nozzle will lead to poor operation of a cylinder, which will lead to the following phenomena:

1. The engine shudders. 2. Unstable idle speed. 3. The car is weak and its power is weakened. For example, the accelerator is not sensitive and the acceleration is not smooth. 4. The engine noise becomes loud. 5. There is a slight feeling of cylinder loss during low speed upshift. 6. Fuel consumption. 7. The exhaust gas is unqualified.

The most common reason for the blockage of fuel injection nozzle is that carbon deposits in the engine are deposited on the fuel injection nozzle, or impurities in the gasoline block the fuel injection nozzle path. There are many reasons for the above phenomena. It can be said that as long as gasoline is used, it cannot be avoided. This is due to the characteristics of gasoline itself.

Gasoline itself contains colloid, impurities, etc. It is hard to avoid dust and impurities during storage and transportation. In addition, unstable components in gasoline will react at a certain temperature to form colloidal and resinous viscous substances. In addition, due to urban traffic congestion, cars are often in a low-speed driving and idling state, which aggravates the formation and accumulation of these sediments.

Therefore, the fuel injection nozzle should be carefully cleaned and tested regularly to ensure that it works well.

Post time: Dec-02-2022