Million increase: China celebrates 10 millionth turbocharger milestone in 9 years

Garrett’s turbocharger manufacturing plant in Wuhan, China reached a milestone this summer when it produced its 10 millionth turbocharger, a new production record since the plant opened in 2013.
The Wuhan plant has maintained double-digit average annual production growth for seven consecutive years, becoming one of the most advanced Garrett reference plants in the world, while continuing to provide local and international high-quality products and services to major Chinese automakers.
“The Wuhan plant record of producing 10 million vehicles in nine years is a microcosm of Garrett’s rapid growth in China and a microcosm of turbocharging penetration,” said Jie Zhang, vice president and general manager of Garrett China. turbochargers will develop innovative technologies to meet the growing demand for hybrid vehicles. Garrett will continue to develop turbocharger, fuel cell electric compressor and electrified powertrain technologies for decades, innovating and creating a cleaner and more efficient mobile world.”
From left to right: Kang Xu, process engineer; Jessica Zhang, Vice President and General Manager China; Mandy Zhang, Quality Manager; Liu Quan, team leader; Kelly Ke, Wuhan Plant Manager; Sissy Sun, Logistics Manager; Zhang Wenzhi, Director of ISC China, Yangming Su, Head of Technical Department
Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the employees of the Wuhan plant overcame the difficulties of closed-loop production at the most critical moment and completed the production of negative pressure ambulances delivered to customers. After the epidemic was brought under control, the Wuhan staff quickly resumed work enthusiastically and set a new annual production capacity record eight months later.

Post time: Nov-04-2022