What are the main causes of engine jitter

Under normal conditions, the vibration of automobile engine shall be stable and regular. If you can obviously feel that the car shakes badly or has persistent symptoms recently, you should pay attention to the maintenance. Generally speaking, there are four main reasons for engine jitter.

Cause 1: The engine lacks cylinders.

Engine cylinder shortage mainly refers to the abnormal operation of one or more cylinders of the engine. Generally, the exhaust gas from the vehicle has obvious intermittence, and the exhaust pipe shakes violently. You can obviously feel the engine shaking, sometimes accompanied by abnormal noise. This is mostly related to ignition coil failure.

Reason 2: The machine foot glue is aging or loose.

Foot glue is a rubber block between the engine and the frame. Its function is to reduce the vibration and buffer when the engine is working, and to fix the engine. Once these rubber feet are aged or loose, the engine will shake very much. After replacing the foot glue, the effect will be much weaker.

Three reasons: carbon deposition

There are always carbon deposits on cars, including carbon deposits on cylinders, throttle valves, spark plugs and intake air. When the engine deposits too much carbon, it will affect the ignition energy, intake efficiency and air-fuel ratio of the vehicle, resulting in unstable vehicle power output, idling and acceleration phenomenon will appear jitter. Recommend going to the 4S store to clean the engine.

Cause 4: Fuel system failure

Add inappropriate fuel labels (such as No. 90 and No. 93), resulting in the decrease of vehicle output power and power; Or because the vent hole of the fuel tank cap is blocked, the fuel tank switch, the fuel filter and the fuel pipe between the fuel tank and the carburetor are partially blocked, which cannot meet the required fuel supply, causing the mixture to be too thin and the engine to shake. It is recommended to use the fuel label specified by the manufacturer and maintain it regularly.

Post time: Dec-29-2022